About Me

My Background

An American by birth, I actually spent a great deal of my formative years overseas, primarily in Africa, as the child of Missionary parents. My earliest years were spent in what was formerly known as Zaire, followed by my adolescence in Uganda. Much of my life I’ve felt like an outsider, not really blending in where I called “home”, while not really fitting in in my “Home Country”. But I wouldn’t change any part about it. It has shaped me into who I am.

I am married to my best friend, and together we have two beautiful boys, and a precious little girl. Aside from my faith in God, my family is the most important thing in the world to me.

What I do

Growing up I always had a keen interest in how things worked. I also had an aptitude for math and science. It seemed only natural that I would pursue Engineering. I went to college and received a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineer, and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I now work doing control system design for Jet Engines. My day-in-day-out work is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds, but at the end of the day I know my work contributes toward making that jet scream across the sky, and I think that’s pretty awesome.


My Influences

My number one influence is my faith in Jesus Christ. I try to interpret everything in my life based on how it ought to be viewed through a Biblical lens. For this reason I typically tend to fall pretty far on the conservative side of the spectrum.

With that, I have few major influences that have encouraged me to start this blog. First, is conservative blogger Matt Walsh. His insight into our society, and hilarious wit, has really opened my eyes to a lot of what is going on in our country today. Second, is conservative economist Thomas Sowell. To be honest I have not read near as much of his works as I would like, but what I have read and heard of his is pretty outstanding. He is not quite as witty and entertaining as Walsh, but he speaks with an authority and wisdom that always leaves me thinking. There have also been several Biblical teachers that have provided me with great insight; the most notable of these is John Piper. His sermons and his writings have been a great source of food for thought on understanding the Bible.

A Few Comments

I’m a fairly quiet and reserved person by nature, not very talkative, certainly an introvert. I don’t ever see myself becoming an evangelist preaching on the street corner, but I have always felt a better comfort with the written word, and perhaps through this medium I can use the gifts that God has given me to follow His command to take the Good News to the ends of the earth.

A lot of people on the left may read my words and think of me as hateful because of my opinions. It will probably be of no consolation for me to say this, but please know that there is not an ounce of hate in anything I write. I speak the truth, and will try to do so as much as possible with love. The truth is not always popular, but to speak anything but the truth would be anything but loving.