Why does Everyone Hate Bruce Jenner?

I don’t know too much about Bruce Jenner. I know he was pretty big in the Olympics way back before anyone can really remember (in our society pretty much anything older than five minutes is foggy). I know he was Stepfather to the Kardashian girls, who are famous for reasons I still don’t fully understand (somehow OJ Simpson’s lawyer is involved, though why OJ Simpson would make it so that millions of people would watch a TV show where a bunch of self-absorbed girls argue about their vaginas doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me). Sufficed to say I am no expert on Bruce Jenner, who he is, or anything about his life.

But apparently, he is a woman.

In his very recent infamous interview on ABC with Diane Sawyer, Bruce came out saying that “For all intents and purposes he is a woman.” Not that he feels like a woman, or that he wishes he was a woman, or that he aspires to become a woman, he says that he IS a woman. Even though he readily admits that he still has all his “Man Parts” he is still, according to him, a woman.

I haven’t really been paying too much attention to all this hubbab. As a general policy I try to keep whatever drama is going on in the lives of the Kardashians out of my every day existence. Yet somehow Bruce’s transgenderism keeps showing up on my radar, either through social media, TV commercials, or when I walk in on my wife and catch her indulging her vice for entertainment television. Just last night I couldn’t help but see a few minutes of the media’s response to this interview. You’ll never believe it, but everyone talking about the interview couldn’t stop showering Bruce with praise.

Shocking, I know!

Every person who spoke was gushing about how courageous he is, how they sympathize with his struggle, and shouting their verbal applause for him finally being true to who he is. They were practically worshiping Bruce Jenner.

If only they realized that they were actually the ones spewing hatred at Bruce.

Of course they don’t realize it; they think they actually love Bruce. Our society holds to the warped idea that to love someone means to accept them, and that you must approve of what they do.

That is not love.

There is a lot that can be said about love, but the best definition of love that I’ve ever heard is this: to desire and seek the very best for another person. It can manifest itself in many ways, but it all comes down to that. If you truly love someone then you will want the very best for them.

Does accepting someone, or approving of someone, provide the very best for them? You can accept or approve of a workaholic. You can tell them that their wife is being too demanding when she says that she wants him home most nights for dinner. You can say that she is overacting when she is upset that he missed yet another baseball game or piano recital. You can tell him that his job is demanding and that he is doing the right thing by working 120 hours a week. You may think you are being supportive; he is under a lot of stress after all. But really all you’ve done is pushed him towards divorce, children who are alienated from him, and complete loneliness and emptiness at home. Is that love?

Love has nothing to do with acceptance or approval. If you love the workaholic you will do everything you can to show them the foolishness of always putting work above family. You will plead with him to find a better balance, beg him think about his children, scare him with the prospect of outrageous alimony payments, literally anything that will make him turn away from his ultimate demise. If you love him you won’t lie about your disapproval. For his own good you have to stand up and tell him that he is a making terrible mistake that will destroy his life.

If love is seeking the very best for someone, then hate must be the opposite. Hate must be seeking the very worst for someone. So when you think about it, if you feed the workaholic with acceptance and approval you are only pushing him further down the road to his family’s destruction. How much more could you be seeking the worst thing for him? That couldn’t be any more hateful. Sure for a little while he will feel better about himself, and you’ll spare him a few hurt feelings, but in the end you’ll have been part of his painful downfall.

What about all these people that are being so accepting and approving of Bruce? Do they really love him?

Bruce thinks that he is a woman, when he is most certainly not a woman.

I know, how dare I say that he is not a woman when he is so emphatic that he is a woman! Who am I to tell him how to feel about himself? How could I be such a Bigot?

This is not bigotry, not by any definition of the word. Someone who thinks a black man is inferior because of his skin color: that is bigot. Someone who doesn’t trust a person because they are Jewish: that is a bigot. Me saying that a man, who by his own admission has “Man Parts”, is in fact a man: that is not bigotry. That is just a statement of biological fact. The presence of “Man Parts” is the very definition of the male gender, while the presence of “Woman Parts” is the very definition of the female gender. If those aren’t the definitions then Urologists and Gynecologists need to relearn everything they know.

Gender is not a feeling. It is a scientific, biological reality that has nothing to do with our feelings. Bruce saying that he is a woman, even though he still has “Man Parts”, is like me saying my car is a Ferrari, even though it still has all its Hyundai parts. I can say it all I want, I can believe it all I want, I can feel it all I want, but it doesn’t change the reality that my car is in fact a Hyundai.

Bruce seems to legitimately believe that he is something that he most certainly is not. That is the very definition of delusional. I’m not trying to be mean or “hateful”, I’m being honest. He is a sick man. He has a real psychological and, more importantly, spiritual illness. And when someone is sick, they don’t need people convince them they aren’t sick, they need a doctor.

If a good friend of mine came to me and wanted to introduce me to his new buddy, only to point to someone that wasn’t there, should I just accept that? Should I placate him, and try to have a conversation with this person that exists only in his head? Should I praise him for his great taste in friends? No! That is the worst thing I could do. I would just be pushing him further into his delusion, making it that much harder for him to find his way out of it. No, I would tell him, in as loving a way as I can, that I think he might be schizophrenic and need serious, professional help. Not because I hate him, or because am bigoted against schizophrenics; but because I love him too much to push any farther towards a complete mental breakdown. Will he listen to me? Maybe. Maybe not. Will his feeling be hurt? Quite possibly. But that doesn’t change the fact that if I really love him, and really want the very best for him, I have to tell him the truth, even if it is a truth that he doesn’t want to hear.

So all you people that are encouraging Bruce, all of you calling him courageous, all of you applauding him; you may think you are loving on Bruce, but you are really hating him. I realize that you don’t have any feelings of ill will towards him, the exact opposite really, but you are feeding his delusion. You are pushing him farther into the abyss of his psychosis. You are only confusing him even more. If left to walk down this road he will find only emptiness and despair. He may even choose to try and surgically turn himself into a woman. Only he still won’t be a woman. He’ll be a mutilated man who has had his manhood ripped away. There will be no satisfaction at the end of that road; only more confusion, despair, and pain. And you are leading him down that road. So how you feel about him doesn’t matter, you have sought the very worst for him, and that is hate.

I can’t do that my fellow man. So Bruce, here is my message to you:

I love you man. I genuinely love you with a Godly love, and I want the very best for you. I know you have felt lost and confused for a long time. I won’t pretend to understand your thoughts, your feelings, or your confusion. I know you don’t want to hear this, but I have to tell you the truth. The truth is; you are not a woman. You are a man. That is how God made you. He did not make a mistake with you. It is true that when he made you he left an empty void in your soul, but that was not a mistake. You see God loves you more than any human being possibly could, and he also wants the very best for you. And God knows that the very best thing for you, is God. That’s why he created a void in your soul specifically for God himself to fill. But you, like every other human being has at one time or another, have turned you back on God, and you’ve been trying to fill that void your whole life with other things. They haven’t worked. I know you can feel the void. That feeling that you think is telling you that you are trapped in the wrong body, is really your soul crying out for what it desperately craves. I know you think that turning yourself into a woman will satisfy the longing in your soul, but it won’t, it will only leave you even more lost and confused, and farther from the one thing that can actually bring you true satisfaction. You need Jesus. Don’t listen to the droves of people throwing their support behind you. They think they love you, and they do genuinely admire you, but they are the ones pushing you down the path of destruction. I’m praying for you, and trust me; I really want the very best for you.

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