Studying God’s word, in its entirety and in detail, can be a daunting task. To pick up a book that is around 2000 pages long and stands at over two inches thick (even when printed on tissue-thin paper) can be enough to dissuade even the most enthusiastic of believers. It is a task that I myself have embarked on several times throughout my life, but must confess have never completely succeeded in. I have read a lot of the Bible. But have I read every single word in it? Can I say I have read, and studied and mediated on every statement that is contained in its vast number of pages? I must say, I have not.

But I intend to change that.

To anyone who has read my blog in the past, this might seem like quite a seismic shift. I also fully understand that not that many people may be interested in coming with me on this journey.  What little readership I may have had may find what I’m doing now, uninteresting. I understand that, and don’t blame them if they move on. To them I say go in peace, no hard feelings.

I’m doing this as much for myself as I am for any of the few who might actually read this. I’m doing this for my own personal spiritual growth, and I’m sharing it in case anyone else would like to grow with me. I am not setting any particular time table here. I’m not going to be ambitious and say, “I will have read through the entire Bible in one year!” or anything like that. Sure the whole Bible could be read in that time, but to be really studied, mediated on, understood and mentally processed, and a blog post written about it? Probably not. And even if it could be done, I don’t have the time to be able to churn out that many blog posts in that time span. No, I do not have an end goal in mind, other than to say I will march through the text verse by verse, chapter by chapter, leaving my thoughts on it as I go, and we’ll see where the Lord takes us. It may take several years to get through the whole thing, but it’s a journey that I want to take, and I’m inviting anyone who wants to come along with me.

I should also point out that while I would like to cover EVERYTHING, realistically if I’m ever going to get through the whole Bible (even if its years in the making) I can’t do a detailed analysis of every last statement. I could spend a lifetime doing that and still not do it true justice, so I have to find the right balance of looking at the story as a whole, and also diving in the specific details. There may be times I look over a chapter and I may not comment on every verse. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t something interesting or important to be learned in certain verses, it just means that at that point in time it may not have spoken to me as much other verses in that chapter.

So with that prelude, I jump right into it, beginning in the first verse, of the first chapter, of the first book: Genesis.

First Entry: Genesis 1:1 – In the Beginning God


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